Frequently Asked Questions

Are estimates free?
Estimates are $100.00 value but we offer them at no charge.

Does pricing include material?
Yes, Pricing does include material. Being a painting contractor, we get substantial discount at most paint manufactures so we can offer our customers the best price. If at anytime materials are not included in price, the proposal will specfically state that.

What kind of paint do you use?
We at DeDe & Co. Painting like to use Sinclair (I.C.I) and Benjamin Moore prducts.
Both are very reliable and are very durable. Although Dunn Edwards, Valspar,
Shermin Williams, and Behr ar all good products, we prefer to use Sinclair or Benjamin Moore. If a customer prefers a particular brand, we do not have a problem using that paint

Where is DeDe & Co. Painting located?
We are located out of Glendora, CA but we work where our jobs take us. Our most common areas are Los Angeles county, Riverside county, San Bernardino county, and Orange county.

What kind of preparation does Dede & Co. Painting do?
Preparation varies from job to job and from interior and exterior. Depending on what the job entails we pressure wash, scrap, sand, caulk, patch, window glazing repair, dry wall repair, stucco repair, mask and prime.

Does DeDe & Co. Painting have insurance?
Yes, we are fully licensed and bonded. We carry workman's comp and liability insurance.

Does DeDe & Co. Painting warranty our work?
Yes, if there is a problem or concern, we will come out and address the problem or concern accordingly.

Does DeDe & Co. Painting accept credit card?
We accept all major credit cards.

How quickly can DeDe& Co. Painting schedule a job?
We usually schedule jobs at least two weeks in advance but if a customer has a job
that needs to be done right away, we can usually squeeze them in depending on the size of the job and the jobs that are already scheduled.

How long does it take?
The time it takes from beginning to finish depends on the size of the job. Our average
job usually takes about a week or less. If the length of time a job will take is a concern, we can give a fair estimate of time.

Does the customer have to sign a contract?
Yes, before the job is started a easy to understand contract is explained and signed
by both the customer and the owner.

How do payments work?
Usually when a contract is signed a deposit of 10% is usually required. Depending on the size of the job payments can vary. If the job is small a request for payment will be given on completion. If the job is larger, payments will sometimes be asked for in increments; for example if a job is 50% completed a request for payment will be given for 50% of the total amount due.

Any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact DeDe & Co. Painting at (626) 914-2416


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